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Q: Is there a global shortcut to open QuickMailer?
A: Yes! Hit cmd+ctrl+alt+m

Q: Is there a shortcut to send a mail?
A: Yes, the same as in Mail App – cmd+shift+d

Q: How do i change my primary email address to send from?
A: You do this through mail.app in the menubar by going to “Mail > Preferences…”, then choose the composing tab. There is a setting called “Send new messages from:” choose your desired account or pick “selected inbox”. If you choose “selected inbox” it will send from the inbox you have selected in the sidebar in mail.app.

Q: QuickMailer doesn’t launch!
A: This issue is specific to Mountain Lion Developer Preview 1. Upgrade to Mountain Lion Deveveloper Preview 2 or later to run QuickMailer.

Q: Is there an option to choose the default FROM adress ?
A: Quickmailer uses your setting in mail.app to choose which email account it sends from. Look at this image to see where you can change that Send from Window

Q: What are you up to?
A: Check out our Trello board to stay updated. Here you can also request or vote for new features.

You can QuickMail us at quickmailer@tite.dk or use this form


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  1. Harry says:

    Is there an option to choose the default FROM adress ?

  2. Avi Flax says:

    I don’t seem to be able to paste an email address into the form. This is frustrating.

  3. Tony says:

    I was about to tell my company about QuickMailer but it isn’t available through the US ap store right now. Is this permanent?

    • anders says:

      Hey Tony.

      QuickMailer was temporarily off the store, but should be back now.

      Thanks for recommending our product :)

      Anders at Tite

  4. demis says:


    looks promisiing this app but do you plan to allow us the possibility to get the signatures we entered in mail.app? I mean even the one with a jpeg in it, so taht Quickmailer could really replace mail.app.

    Thank you very much

    • rasmus says:

      Hi Demis.

      No not currently, but i have added it as a feature request on our trello board! That way other users can vote it up so we can see if there is a high demand for it.

  5. Chris says:

    Hi, I just bought this, and was disappointed to find that I couldn’t choose from my email accounts – I only send from the topmost account in Mail. I saw that this was marked as an something on your todo list in February – is it going to be fixed soon? It’s pretty useless to me right now!

  6. John says:

    I would like to use Quickmailer so that I don’t have to have mail.app open. Is this possible?

    • rasmus says:

      Quickmailer needs to open mail.app since it uses mail.apps email accounts to send mails. This makes sure the sent emails end up in your sent folder. We have requests for direct smtp setup in quickmailer, so you are welcome to vote for this on our trello board.

  7. ramón says:

    is it possible to use sparrow as the background application ?

    • rasmus says:

      Hi Ramon. No not at the moment, but put a vote on our trello board for this feature and we will implement it if there is enough demand.

      • Ak says:

        Yes please integrate with Sparrow soon, I’ve recently switched from Mail.app and missing the quick mailer a lot

        • rasmus says:

          Hi Ak.

          I don’t think integrating with sparrow will happen since it has been discontinued when they were bought by google. Maybe you could still use mail.app just for outgoing, and then hide the icon in the dock?

  8. tom jovicich says:

    I cannot change the font in the program. It is stuck in a font that is NOT what I want. Also, using a mac I’ve been copy and pasting via cmd c and v and the same message keeps getting posted. Something is off. How do I fix it?

    • rasmus says:

      Hi Tom.

      This is a bug on our end. Currently you have the option of changing the font with cmd+t, but obviously this should not be possible and a standard font should be used. This will be fixed in a future update to Quickmailer.

  9. Anders Thingholm says:


    I am using Sparrow as my default email-reader, but when I compose a mail using QuickMailer it opens up Mail and sends from there.

    I have checked that my default e-mail reader is set to Sparrow in Mail->Preferences.

    What can I do to get QuickMailer to use Sparrow?

    Kind regards,
    Anders Thingholm

    • rasmus says:

      Hej Anders.

      Quickmailer benytter sig af mail.app afsendelsesfunktionen direkte, så hvis sparrow skal understøttes skal vi kigge nærmere på at implementere den som et ekstra valg. Det ligger som et forslag på vores trello board, så du kan evt. gå derind og lægge en stemme, så kigger vi måske nærmere på det hvis efterspørgslen er stor nok.

  10. Randal says:


    Is QuickMail able to work without launching Mail? I am looking for an equivalent to Wren for twitter.



  11. jerod says:

    Will there ever be a feature update where you will be able to select the outgoing serve in the drop-down rather than only being able to use 1 or select the side tab in mail?


  12. Eric says:

    Does the app auto-complete from the address book? I see that it does it from recent entries, but what about the full address book? Thanks

  13. Tyler says:


    I Can’t seem to get quickmailer to launch when I click on it. I’ve tried uninstalling it and then downloading from the Mac App store again, but I’ve had no success. I am running Mountain Lion. Does this app work on the new OSX?


  14. seth says:

    I just realized you guys fixed the issue of the window taking you back to “desktop 1″ – thanks!

  15. Marco Campanerut says:

    Can I put my signature automatically?

  16. doug says:

    Can you please make this usable with Sparrow? I feel like I’ve wasted my money here.

    • anders says:

      Hi Doug,

      QuickMailer currently only supports sending through Mail.app. I’ve added “Sending through Sparrow” request on our Trello Board. Vote for it!

      Hope to help,

  17. william mackenzie says:


    I click on the quickemailer icon in launchpad but it doesnt do anything. There is no icon in the bar at the top either.

    Any reason why?


  18. john says:

    Is it possible to not use Mail for this … but to have it go to Outlook?

    • rasmus says:

      Not at the moment, but we have it on our suggested features on our Trello board, so you can vote for it there to bring more focus to it ;) Thank you.

  19. DeFliGra says:

    Could you in a future version concider makeing it possible -somehow- to have more than one QuickMailer window ready to click and shoot.

    I have aprox 6-8 people I send at least 5-10 mails to during a workday. If I could use the QuickMailer to ‘take notes’ and shoot an e-mail at the same time – it would save me enourmous time… not having to fill in name (correct it when mail autofill) – and subject.

    Nice simple app… and I can understand if you want to keep it simple – just a thought.


    • anders says:

      Hey den flinke.

      To open a new application instance you can pop open a terminal window and run
      open -n /Applications/QuickMailer.app/
      A bit cumbersome, but you could create a launch script to open the x instances you need.

      Or you can simply copy the app in your Applications folder. ie. have QuickMailer.app and QuickMailer2.app, which makes OS X treat it like two independent apps.

      Hope this helps,

  20. bart says:

    no signaturers allowed when composing?

  21. Norbert Lardinois says:


    I’ve noticed that Quickmailer uses the discrete graphics on my macbook pro (mid 2010). Is this necessary? As it is much more energy consuming, to me it seems like a good idea use to the integrated graphics instead. BTW, I like the program!

    Kind regards, Norbert.

    • anders says:

      Hi Norbert.

      Agreed, there shouldn’t be any need for the discrete graphics board. Are you sure QuickMailer is the cause? I’ve tested and can’t reproduce the switch on a mid 2010 macbook pro. You can download gfxCardStatus to list switch dependencies.

      Hope this helps,

  22. seth says:

    can you make it so that when i click on the menubar icon i’m not sent back to desktop 1 in Lion?

    when working with data/ docs on different desktops i sometimes want to send a quick email, but then to get shifted back to desktop 1 means I can’t look at what’s on my other desktop! very annoying!

    • anders says:

      This is a known issue. Users: Vote for “QuickMailer doesn’t behave nicely with spaces” on our trello board if you want us to put this on top of the todo stack.

  23. Mike says:

    Noticed the paste function (right click on the mouse) doesn’t work in the message field – but it does work for the address and subject fields.

    Am I missing something?


  24. Paolo Marchesan says:

    I bought the app on the AppStore at a price of € 0.79 and I was deducted from
    credit card the amount of € 1.98. Why? I would like an explanation. My review on the AppStore will certainly not be positive. Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Hi Paolo. That seems indeed very strange and can certainly not be an issue we are a part of. Apple takes care of all transactions, so you need to contact them directly. Can you check if the 1.98 was maybe charged for something else? If they indeed charged too much it’s a bad situation for us as App sellers as well, so if you send us your transaction id for the purchase we can try to write Apple as well.

  25. Tommy Everman says:

    Great app!! 2 things:

    1. The Shortcut cmd+shift+d does not seem to work to load an email. It brings me to a new finder window and then desktop.

    2. Some of my contacts don’t seem to load when I start to type their names. Can’t figure out why some of them would load and some of them would not. They are all stored in my iCloud account and that is my default email as well.

    Let me know if I am doing something wrong.


    • admin says:

      Hi Tommy. Thank you for your comment.

      1: The cmd+shift+d button is for sending the mail when the QuickMailer popover window is open. It will only work if you have filled in text in all fields.

      I guess what you were looking for is a shortcut that works globally to open the popover window. This has not been implemented yet, but is one of the most requested features – which you can also see on our trello board. To do this, press ctrl+alt+cmd+m :)

      2: Currently we are only looking up contacts in Recent Recipients(by recent that is actually anyone you’ve ever sent a mail to), but we’re also working on implementing the address book which would include your contacts on iCloud. That means as of now you need to enter a new recipient manually (the first time). We’re hoping to bring address book implementation in the next update.

      • Cole says:

        Terrific App!

        I read through here to suss out how your app comes up with its quick suggestions for the ‘To:’ field. I see that you’re working on implementing iCloud support.

        As someone that uses quite a bit of Apple hardware, I think that sounds terrific, however, as someone that also relies on Google quite extensively, I think it’d be great if you could connect to Google Contacts as well.

        Thanks for your time, consideration, and wonderful product.



  26. Robert says:

    Bought this yesterday, MacUpdate Desktop is telling me that there is a newer version? How do I update my copy?

    • admin says:

      Hi Robert. Thank you – but quickmailer is still in it’s first version on the AppStore, so no updates yet. Strange that MacUpdate desktop thinks there is a new one, but perhaps it is because it was first added to MacUpdate after you got QuickMailer from AppStore?

      • Robert says:

        MacUpdate Desktop thinks the version I have installed (2/21 from AppStore) is Version .1 and it really should be 1.0 yes?

        So, you might want to check with them.


  27. daniel says:

    i purchased this app but in Montain Lion preview this app don’t lunch :(

  28. Carlos Hurtado says:

    I purchased your app! I love it, but I have one suggestion: Allow the application to access my “Address Book” to facilitate everything even more…

    • admin says:

      Hi Carlos,

      We love getting feedback. The program uses the recent recipients list of Mail.app, but could be combined with the address book. The feature request has been added on our trello board. Vote for it if you want us to focus efforts on this.

      Thank you!

  29. james says:

    i’m using snow leopard which doesn’t let me add my @me.com address to the default mail app. can i use my @me.com address with quickmailer despite this?

    • admin says:

      Hi James.

      It should be possible to setup Mail.app for your @me.com address. Have a look at this guide and get back to us if it doesn’t solve the problem.

  30. John André Netland says:

    Hi, if you are interested in a free localization in Norwegian, let me know. I do translation for MacOS and iOS apps, see http://www.a-pro-studio.no . There you will find references and such. All I need is the string files to begin.

  31. Saul says:

    Also can’t copy and paste email address?

  32. Adam says:

    Hi, I love the theme of the app that it’s about ultimate simplicity BUT….. I’m hoping you’ll add a little button that shows a dropdown box of your mail accounts to allow quickly switching between them without having to fire up Mail.app every time.
    Kepp up the good work!

  33. Chris says:

    How can I make MS Outlook my default email client? QuickMailer keeps opening up Mac Mail. I tried prefrerences to no avail.

  34. Robert Follis says:

    great app and I just bought it
    +1 for signatures
    + for address book access

  35. Ram says:


    I noticed that whenever I send a mail through QM, the Mail app is opening up in the background.

    First, Why?
    Second, Can you avoid this?

    Bcoz it beats the purpose of your app.

    • admin says:

      Hi Ram.

      QuickMailer is meant as a tool to quickly send those emails off using Mail.app without any configuration. If it wasn’t using mail.app, it would be necessary to enter outgoing server information, defeating the minimalistic ideology of the app. If you still prefer the option of configuration, cast a vote for the request created for you on our trello board.

      • Ram says:


        Thanks for your prompt reply.

        I would love to configure an outgoing server if it means we can avoid the mail.app

        Thanks for creating a MustHave app for my Mac.

  36. Mike says:

    Purchased the app – works fine.

    One question: is there a way to include my signature with the sent email? I only have one business email (the default), but it’s not including my sig.


    • admin says:

      Hi Mike Thank you for the comment. Currently this is not implemented, but it is a very requested feature, so it will most likely be added in the future.

  37. David Czajkowski says:

    I just now purchased your app. The To: section does not access my address book. Rebooted my equipment. Still, does not work.


    • admin says:

      Hi david. Currently it only looks up recent recipients, but if you have used mail.app before that should be working. What osx version do you have? thank you

  38. stefan kirstaetter says:

    great app. but i would like it to send messages WITHOUT opening MAIL.app by apple. That’s the meaning of quick mailer to: not to get distracted by MAIL.app.

    how to achieve that?

    thank you very much,
    stefan kirstaetter

    • stefan kirstaetter says:

      ok, did read your comment below… would appreciate that smtp-functionality!

    • admin says:

      Hi Stefan. We’re using mail.app’s accounts to send the mails, so it needs to do it with the mail.app sendmail proxy. So mail.app needs to be open when the mail is sent. We can try to look into closing mail.app after sending the mail if it wasn’t open before, but i don’t know if apple let’s us control that. – I’ve added the request to our trello board.

  39. Erich Gaertig says:

    Hi there
    I just purchased QuickMail from the AppStore and like it a lot.
    However, there seems to be a little issue with QuickMail and Spaces. Hitting the QuickMail icon always sends me back to the very first Space in OS X Lion. Would be much nicer if i could compose a QuickMail without always switching to another Space..

    • admin says:

      Hello Erich – Thank you for the comment. We are aware of the issue and looking to fix it soon. Hope you can cope with it until then.

  40. Jan says:


    Great app, but:

    I’d like to use groups of contacts in my adressbook to send e-mails to. But when I start typing the beginning of the name of one list in the adress-field, nothing happens.

    If I start typing a “single”-contact, everythings works out fine. Bit it doesn’t work with groups of contacts.

    What can I do?


    • admin says:

      Hi Jan. Thank you for the nice comment and question.
      We are working on having the address book contacts and groups implemented as well. Currently we are only looking up addresses in the Recent Recipients database.

  41. Travis says:

    It would be great if you could choose which email address to send from from the compose window. Similar to what Mail.app does in their compose window. I primarily use a personal and business email address, so having to go into the client and change preference makes QuickMailer unusable for me. Which is a shame because this is exactly the type of thing i’ve been looking for. Its a hassle to launch the mail client just to send the email equivalent of a text message. I see that this is on the list of things to do, so I look forward to that being added.

    I see that signatures has been discussed. That would be a great also.

  42. Wellington says:

    Is there a cc/bcc field?

    • admin says:

      No we have not included that to keep the app simple, but currently we are trying to choose between having a shortcut to open the composition in mail.app (so you can use cc/bcc there), or adding options in settings to show the fields.

  43. Zbyszek says:

    Great app i like simplicity (please do not change that!). But i found something that looks like bug: when i have multiple spaces (desktops) – when i click the icon on menubar – i am moved away to desktop from the QuickMailer was started. I suppose i should not be moved from that space (quite disturbing).

    • admin says:

      Thank you for the kind words. We will make sure that it stays simple and further features (if needed) will be on an opt-in basis in the settings.
      Concerning the bug you are describing we will look into it immediately and have added it to known issues on our trello board

    • Rob says:

      Agree with prior commenter.. need to change it so that it doesn’t jump you back to start desktop. This defeats the purpose of being quick and non-distracting… if it is jumping me around, I may as well jump to Mail. I like the idea.. but this needs addressed.

  44. Justin Wayne says:


    Is there a way to have QuickMailer work WITHOUT having Mail open? I use Outlook 2011 for Mac, and I’d like a way to have QuickMailer work with that while it is open, as opposed to Mail, which I don’t like to use. Please let me know if this is coming soon, I sure hope it is. Thanks!

    • admin says:

      Hi Justin. Currently Quickmailer is mail.app only, but we have been discussing the possibility to setup smtp server info directly in Quickmailer. We will take your note into account, and consider the Outlook 2011 option as well.

  45. Pedro Prego says:

    I have two different mail accounts in my Mail app. I know the app uses the one predefined in the Mail.app but is there a way of changing them easily if I need to do that?

    Is there a way of incorporating a predefined signature?


    • admin says:

      Hi Pedro. The ability to choose from which mail account to send is on our list of things todo. About the signature i’ve added it as a request to our trello board. Others have also asked so we will probably look into this.

  46. larry says:

    how do i change the default email acct?

  47. David says:

    Great app but how do I change the email account Im sending the email from?? aaaand, how could I know where am I sending the email from (email account) thanks